Wiredoc FAQ
Who can use wiredoc.com?
Wiredoc.com can be used by businesses and individuals to send and receive confidential documents securely.

It's ideal for accountants, lawyers, medical practitioners, travel agents, small businesses, etc.

What sort of documents can I send using Wiredoc?
Any confidential document that you would not want a third party to be able to see can be sent using Wiredoc.

These could include 1040, 1120, W2, 1099, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Patent Applications, Contracts, Sales Agreements, Immigration and Travel Documents, Medical Tests, etc.

Are my documents secure?
  • All plans use our innovative key exchange mechanism, that ensures even we at Wiredoc cannot read your documents.
  • All documents are encrypted and decrypted right in the browser, giving you end to end security and utmost peace of mind.
  • All plans use the same level of 256 bit SSL/TLS encryption for secure communication with our server.
  • All documents are encrypted with 128 bit AES encryption with randomly generated keys.
How soon can I get started?
Immediately! Just sign up, login and start!
Do my clients need to sign up with wiredoc.com too?
No! All communication with your clients happens using email. Your clients upload and download documents from wiredoc.com without needing an account on the site.
What do my clients need to download documents I send?
The password you set for the documents sent (and system requirements as below).
Is there any software to be downloaded?
There is no proprietary software to be downloaded. Please see system requirements below.
What are the system requirements?
Are there any other fees or contracts?
No fees and no contracts. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time with no questions asked.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept payments using credit-cards.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with any part of our service, you can cancel at anytime.

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