the safest way to send and get documents online
(without breaking the bank)
What is

Wiredoc allows you to send confidential documents to your clients completely securely.

So secure even we cannot see the contents of your documents!

Ideal for small businesses, accountants, healthcare providers, mortgage brokers, travel agents, lawyers, or anyone with confidential documents to send or get.

If you send documents
By Email...

An email and its attachments go through several servers on the internet before it reaches the intended recipient.

And at each of those servers, several people would have the ability to view the contents of the email and the attachment!
If you use
Other Web Services...

There are other services which claim you can send documents securely.

And even though they do provide a safe passage for your documents to their server, there are usually staff members that can access the contents of your documents.

Safer than email

Documents encrypted before they leave your PC

Our innovative mechanism encrypts your documents on your PC. Emails are not encrypted.
No one can see the contents of your documents

The encryption keys are not accessible to staff. Emails go from server to server, where many people have access to the content.
Know exactly when your documents were delivered

All downloads are tracked - you will know exactly when a document was delivered.
Time bound access to download

Specify how long your client has -
10 mins? 30 mins? 2 days?

Fast and Easy

Send or request documents right from home or office

No need to print documents, use a courier service, or drive.
Deliver documents instantly

No need to wait. As long as you and your client have internet access.

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